Winterization Work Request 23-24

Expected hauling date is a flexible date and a guide for our scheduling. The boat will not be hauled until you confirm the boat is ready.
Expected launch date is a flexible date a guide for our scheduling. The boat will not be launched until you confirm the boat is ready.

Outdoor Storage Rates:

LOA from swim platforms or outboard to anchor pulpit

Up to 24'                                 $52.50/foot

25'-32'                                    $58/foot

33'-45'                                    $62/foot

46' to 59'                                $70/foot

60'+ and Catamarans            $6/sq foot  (LOA X Beam)

Rate per foot includes: hauling, bottom washing, blocking, storing and relaunching.

Indoor Storage Rates:

$11/ sq foot

Square foot calculated by LOA x Beam (Minimum beam 8')

Rate per sq foot includes: hauling, bottom washing, blocking, storing and relaunching.

Land storage without summer dockage or after June 1st 2024: $30/foot/month


Pricing includes pulling the mast, storing for winter, stepping and static tuning in the spring.


Up to 32'                             $880.00

Up to 45'                             $1365.00

46' + & Double Masts        Quoted


Performed only by CBY.   No outside contractors or customers can perform shrinwrapping. Pricing includes all labor, materials, appropriate venting, and a door. DISCLAIMER: Shrink Wrap is warrantied up to 40 MPH storms. Additional charges will be assessed for any damage resulting from winds over 40 MPH. Any weakness in your structures should be brought to our attention prior to wrapping.  Additional charges may be applied when working around special issues or requests.

Express power boats without bridges, outriggers and sailboats without masts:

Up to 24’  $27 per ft.

25’ to 39’ $31 per ft

40’ to 45’ $34 per ft

46’ to 54’ $37 per ft

55’ and up     Quoted

Tower only    Quoted

Outriggers must be removed before shrink wrap. Cost includes removal and storage. Additional cost for installation in the spring.

Engine Winterization:

Pricing includes labor to perform the following tasks:

Flush engine w/fresh water,

Fill oil tank or change oil and filter (up to 5 qts. oil & filter inc.),

Run non-toxic antifreeze thru engine (6 gallons included),

Change lower unit oil (if applicable),

Replace drain screw gaskets,

Fog engine & grease all fittings or prop shaft,

Remove & store prop(outboard or sterndrive),

Remove, test and store one battery per engine.

Sterndrive(s) removal and storage.

Check permanent antifreeze and belts & hoses.

Stabilize fuel tank(s) (stabilizer not included).

All other items are billed at labor and material.

Reinstallation of batteries or drives is not included.  Labor rate is $145 per hour.


Batteries may be maintained by CBY on board, removed and stored, or left on board.  Batteries maintained by CBY do not guarantee batteries will be of satisfactory condtion in the spring. If batteries are left on board and not maintained by CBY, customers are repsonsible for upkeep.  Vessels must be attended when plugged in for the charging of batteries.

Clear Signature
I hereby authorize the above work to be done along with the necessary materials, and hereby grant you and/or the employees my permission to operate the product herein described on any waterways or elsewhere for the purpose of hauling, storing, launching, and repairing. I understand that the completeion of this form does not guarantee winter storage space.